Saturday, March 17, 2007

Is agile people starting to get it?

Since I read Cedric Beusts blogpost "Agile people still dont get it" I have had a printed copy under my pillow because it was right on target.

Well, the TDD examples are still on a toy level and negative questions about TDD are answered with "Listen to me, I have done it and know that it works"...

But an interesting thing during QCon is that some things are getting better. Are the agile people starting the get it? It sounds like even the agile people think that it is a bad idea to run 100 miles without a map and a goal. I even heard agile people talking about "Inception". How un-agile isnt that word ;) Jim Coplien and Kevlin Henney had an interesting talk were they mentioned RUFD (Rough UpFront Design) as a good start in an agile project. To me it sounds like a very good idea. It cant be bad to think a little bit before you start developing in a project. But then of course automated tests are a great way to keep quality in the things you are doing, but is it really a good idea to let it create your design.

Design should grow during the project, it should not be done (written) before the project starts and then never questioned again, but still I dont think that tests are the best way to form your design.

Now I am really looking forward to start learnig more about the agile methods when they are starting to get it ;)

This paper was seen on the open space during QCon, and it wasnt me writing it...

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DIANA said...

Thanks for blogging about QCon! I just wanted to let you know that we quoted and linked from this entry on the over all QCon 2007 blogger's key takeaway points and lessons learned article:

Feel free to link to it and of course blogging about this articles existence would help even more people learn from your and other bloggers takeaways.

Thanks again!